The results of the investment rating of the regions of Russia were published by RAEX International Agency. Based on the investment potential indicators, Saratov region ranked 27th out of the 85 regions and with regard to the investment risks indicators it ranked 33rd.
These are the two indicators that show more prosperous regions from the point of view of investing, the risks it has and the possibility to get the investments back.
Based on the results of the research, the investment risk of the region has decreased by 3 points: from 36th to 33rd. The highest dynamics of investment risk mitigation was shown by the region due to reduction of the crime rate and improvement of the economy. The financial sector also demonstrates stable reduction of investment risks as compared to 2018. Thus, Saratov region had a 10 point increase in two years (from 43rd to 33rd), leaving Ulyanovsk region and Kirov region behind.
The analysts of RAEX also evaluated the feasibility of investing into Saratov region considering the particularities of the same. As compared to the previous year, the region showed the highest potential in the labor, production and financial sectors. There was a decrease in the investment capabilities indicators in the consumer sector and institutional area. In spite of it, the region maintained its investment potential position (ranking 27th out of the 85 regions of Russia).
Taking into account the positive dynamics of Saratov region, the Government of the same planned a number of events for the year 2020 related to the investment policy, aiming at improving the investment climate in the region and further development of the prospects.


The possibility of constructing a recreation complex in the city of Saratov was discussed by the Government

On February 6, a working meeting was held in the Regional Government under the chairmanship of Vadim Oikin, the First Deputy Vice Governor, Minister of Finances of the region with Vitaliy Vinogradov, the Regional Development Director of GK OSNOVA. The possibility of constructing TERMOLAND recreation complex in the city of Saratov was discussed by the Parties.
GK OSNOVA specializes in the development of family leisure infrastructure both in Russia and abroad. The company constructs water activities resorts in cities under the trademark ‘TERMOLAND’, ‘Challenge Park’ foxtrail parks and kinetic attractions, including it is a co-investor in Zamania which is the largest network of family entertainment parks in Russia.
The investment project to be implemented in Saratov provides for construction of recreational thermal springs with allocation of a swimming pool, exterior beach area, car parking, recreation and park area that will include sports grounds and other kinds of entertainments. The project initiators plan to create new workplaces and provide comfortable conditions for recreation to the region population.
During the meeting, a number of current issues with regard to allocation of the complex were discussed. It was decided to continue searching for land plots in accordance with the requirements of the project initiator. The Saratov Region Development Corporation will provide integrated support to the investment project with a social orientation.


During the past year, the Saratov Region Development Corporation concluded 14 agreements for the delivery of support to investment projects

Currently the Development Institute supported by the Ministry of Economic Development of the region is supporting 20 investment projects amounting to 131 billion 113 million rubles of investments.
In 2019, 14 investment projects were added to the investment portfolio of the Corporation with the estimated amount of investments of 26 billion 793 million rubles.
During 2019, the Corporation received 240 requests from initiators of investment projects containing various inquiries: selection of investment sites, advisory assistance with regard to preparation of the documents require to conclude lease agreements, investment agreements, preparation of a roadmap, issuing permits for facilities construction, etc.
In this way, the investment project of Geles-Neftepererabotka OOO related to construction of an innovative production complex for gas condensate processing is being implemented with the support of the Corporation. As of today, 95% of foundations, 40% of interior roads and passage ways have been built, two buildings have been assembled and about 80% of equipment have been delivered to the site.
The Corporation still continues its cooperation with the Wind Power Development Fund (joint investment fund established by Fortum PAO and ROSNANO Group on a parity basis) on the potential project for construction of wind mill farms in Saratov region. Currently, selection and registration of perspective land plots for construction of the first wind mill farm in the region are being carried out.
Apart from that, the Development Corporation in cooperation with Gorod OOO are implementing a unique social recreation and health improvement project called Saratov Thermal Springs. The Support Institute has provided effective assistance to the project initiator as concerns fund raising. The amount of investments is 223 million rubles. The commencement of construction of the complex is schedule for the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2020.
Projects related to agricultural, industrial and social spheres are now at the design specifications and estimates development stage. Some projects are at the stage of selection and registration of land plots.
In order to attract investments and ensure accelerated developed of the economy, the Development Corporation is constantly cooperating with municipal districts of Saratov region, analyzing their growth points. This allowed the specialists of the Corporation generating a number of business cases, taking into account the advantages of the region, to be offered to investors.
Today the Saratov Region Development Corporation provides target support to investors which includes an efficient land plots selection approach, a distinct system of investment projects support at each stage of their implementation including integrated interaction with specific executive authorities.
This year new prosperous projects have already been added to the investment portfolio of the Corporation. Negotiations are being held with regard to implementation of investment projects with initiators Wildberries OOO (Construction of a sorting facility), GK Osnova (Construction of TERMOLAND recreation complex) and Zolotoi Dublon OOO (Construction of a large-scale agroindustrial wholesale and retail market).


The search for investment projects continues with the purpose of providing expert support with their implementation in Saratov region

The Services provided by Development Corporation based on the ‘one contact’ principle include advisory support as concerns the investment project funding (bank products, tax privileges provided at the regional and federal levels including provision of support to various funds). Based on the consultation provided, specialists of the Corporation provide the investor with the most prosperous financial model with the use of regional and federal measures of state support.
The Saratov Region Development Corporation also offers to use services related to selection or registration of an investment site, holding negotiations regarding the provision of information of individual conditions for connection to utilities, issuing a permit for construction, etc.
In addition to the above, in case of conclusion of a project support contract the Corporation provides a possibility to present the investment project prepared using a single branded style during international, national and regional exhibitions and events.
The investment project may be at any implementation stage, the Corporation provides assistance to initiators both in the form of complex support and targeted support.
For a detailed description of services please go the official website of the Corporation (, section ‘Services’.
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